The Best Camping Tips and Tricks | Camping for Beginners

To help make camping easier we’ve got some camping tips and tricks that we want to share with you today.  

1. Camping Bin

The camping bin makes a camping trip so much easier to prepare for. So Camping tip #1 keep all your camping stuff and camping essentials in a bin so you’re always ready to go. 

In our camping bin there’s tons of stuff. We have: 

  • Torch Flame to start a fire;
  • Pots and Pans;
  • Hatchets;
  • Bug Spray;
  • Chairs;
  • Sleeping Bag;
  • Tarp;

2. Have some sort of shelter


Tarps are great. We always keep them in the bin and we don’t always use all our tarp but we always bring a lot of them. They’re great to keep things dry. We also use it as a footprint underneath our tent and in the worst-case scenario if it’s really pouring you can also take the tarp and strap it up over your tent. So this is one thing you definitely don’t want to leave home without. 

Kitchen Tent

Another thing that you can use for shelter is a kitchen tent. We have a large kitchen tent by Coleman. It’s 13 by 13 feet that we usually put over the picnic table so that we have somewhere dried to store our camping furniture, our food, and just the stuff we want to keep dry. 

So Camping trick #2 is to just have multiple ways of keeping your stuff dry.

3. Freeze your food

Smart camping hack #3 is a food-related hack and it’s all about keeping your food cold. Instead of filling your entire cooler with ice cubes, the hack you can do here is to freeze the food you’re not going to use right away. Things like bacon, or burger patties, or even water bottles are all great options for freezing and keeping your other food cold. Especially because as they start to defrost you can start to use them. It’s also important when you’re placing those items in your cooler to put all of the ice and frozen items at the bottom and anything that you want to keep cool longer closer to those. Because the cold air is going to drop in the cold. 

4. Prepare your food

Camping tip #4 is about preparing your food before you go on your camping trip so that you don’t fidget around with all the stuff. Cut and wash all your vegetables and put them into Tupperwares. This will help organize your Tupperware and it will make cooking a lot quicker while you are on the campsite. 

Another thing is to cook your meat about 80% of the way through. Two things here: 

  • One you’ll help it from spoiling; 
  • Two you’ll also reduce the cooking time;

Bonus Camping Tip

Here is a really good tip about breakfast. There is nothing better than sitting by a morning campfire, with a coffee in hand, and having some bacon and eggs. So actually pre-crack your eggs into Tupperwares and it makes it easier to deal with on-site and to pack. Tupperwares are not susceptible to breaking when you crush them but eggshells are. So that’s a great thing that we do for every camping trip. On top of that, you can also take your condiments and anything that’s really weird shaped and put them in smaller containers that are Tupperware shaped. When you have the same kind of set of Tupperware it makes packing your cooler a lot easier. This way you are not playing Tetris with all the different shapes and sizes. 

5. Bring extra food storage

Clever camping hack #5 make sure to bring some extras. This is something that we learned the hard way because if you brought only all the Tupperwares you have food in and you end up having leftovers where are you gonna put them. So we always bring a couple of extra Tupperwares or ziplock bags to put all of our extras in. 

6. Bring a versatile pan

Camping tip for beginners #6 is to bring a versatile pan. We have an old Wok that we use but you can also use a cast iron or anything like that. You want a cooking pan like that because you can put it on all your fire sources. Anything like a camp stove, a butane stove, a campfire, or even a barbecue. Bring a versatile pan that can go on to any fire source. 

Now there is one thing that’s very important when you are choosing your pan and it’s the handle. The handle needs to be able to sustain heat. Cast iron is great because it’s just iron. 

Just a reminder though you should still bring an oven mitt because the handle does get super hot. 

We know this is nowhere near all of the hacks you could use at camping but these are ones that have really helped us out as we camp each year.

Time to go camping!

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